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  14.05.2015. MicroLAB Systems announced TORNADO-RS1 Gen3 - 3rd generation of RF-signal and Bitstream Data Recorders with extended performance and 19" 1U chassis.


General (Gen3)

  • Modular multi-channel recording/playback system for extended continuous RF and bitstream data
  • 8Gbps real-time bandwidth (1GB/s)
  • Data acquisition to "hot swappable" Solid State Memory Cartridge (SSMC)
  • SSMC data transfer to external eSATA disks
  • Quick selection of recorded source and playback output
  • Multi-channel extension at a cost of dataword size reduction
  • Multi-unit capability to increase number of channels while keeping dataword size
  • Stand-alone capability with power down and time scheduled recording/playback events

Details (Gen3)

  • Front panel slot for field replaceable "hot swappable" Solid State Memory Cartridge (SSMC) for acquired data and tracking info:
    • SSMC capacities 1TB, 4TB and 8TB
    • 8TB SSMC allows up to 2h 20m of continuous acquisition at 8Gbps bandwidth (2x channels, 250MSPS, 16bits)
  • Two slots for Analog I/O Modules (AIOM) for RF-signal AD/DA:
    • A/D AIOM: 2x-channel 16-bit 250MSPS A/D with PGA
    • D/A AIOM: 2x-channel 16-bit 500MSPS
  • Two 10Gbps+ SFP+ ports for bitstream data I/O
  • Optional DSP functions applied to I/O RF-signal
    • Multi-channel DDC/DUC
    • Multi-band input RF-signal analyzer with activity detectors
    • Digital filters, level detectors and more...
  • Ultra-low jitter programmable sampling frequency generator
  • External reference clock option
  • External DAQ control synchronization
  • 1GbE RJ45 port for remote control
  • Two eSATA ports for SSMC-to-External HDD data transfer
  • COM/RS232C ports for communication with external GPS receivers, event trackers, antenna controllers, etc
  • Front panel device status LED indicators
  • 1U 19 rugged rack case and low weight (6kg, 12 pounds)

Software and control (Gen3)

  • Remote control via LAN or Internet
  • Intuitive GUI
  • Smart control for virtual multi-unit multi-channel system
  • Real-time monitoring of input RF-signal in time and spectrum domains
  • Signal analyzer for SSMC, eSATA and PC data
  • Data transfer between SSMC, PC and eSATA HDDs
  • Stand-alone mode programming
  • Data import/export to 3rd party DSP applications


  • Instrumentation and RF test installations
  • Automotive and stationary off-air monitoring
  • Telecommunication
  • Astrophysics and astronomy


** Notes

MicroLAB Systems can modify this product to meet special customer requirements. MOQ may apply. Contact MicroLAB Systems for more details.

TORNADO-RS1 Gen2 RF-signal and bitstream data recorder (click to enlarge)
TORNADO-RS1 Gen3 RF-signal and bitstream data recorder
(preliminary figure)
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Overview (Gen3)

TORNADO-RS1/Gen3 is a next generation multi-channel RF data recording/playback system with modular construction and extended capabilities from MicroLAB Systems. The TORNADO-RS1/Gen3 delivers outstanding flexibility for on-fly system reconfiguration, fast set-up, easy data stocking and high system and data storage reliability.

Two slots for plug-in analog I/O modules (AIOM) and two SFP+ ports at device backplane are available to immediately adapt to external RF signals and bitstream data source. Off-the-shelf analog I/O modules allow multi-channel data acquisition up to 250MSPS@16bits.

The TORNADO-RS1/Gen3 supports smart integration of up to four units into one "virtual" multi-channel and perfectly synchronized data acquisition system with up to 32Gbps of aggregative throughoutput performance.

Acquired data is stored in a high-capacity hot-swappable solid-state memory cartridge (SSMC). This delivers quick readiness to acquire next portion of real-time data and provides safe and convenient stocking of acquired data.

A stand-alone operation of TORNADO-RS1/Gen3 keeps unit in power-down mode and temporary activates it to acquire data per user scheduled events list. Each listed event specifies activation date and time, data acquisition mode (recording or playback), acquisition duration and complete system configuration settings. Recording is performed until either the events list is over or SSMC is full. Generated log file keeps detailed tracking of scheduled activity.

One of the greatest features of TORNADO-RS1/Gen3 is possibility to extend its functionality beyond just the recorder/playback device and to apply optional real-time DSP to acquired data before it is stored in SSMC. For example, in case DDC, demodulator and decoder DSP function are chained for input signal, then this will reduce signal bandwidth and will dramatically increase the recording time allowing multichannel recording.

To meet the demanding applications, TORNADO-RS1/Gen3 comes in 1U 19 1U rugged rack case and weights only 6kg (12 pounds)!

The TORNADO-RS1/Gen3 is an ideal tool for mobile and stationary RF off-air monitoring, RF instrumentation, astrophysics and astronomy.


Technical Specifications (Gen3)

Data Acquisition
  • 2 slots for Analog I/O Modules (AIOM) at system backplane
  • Sampling frequency5MHz..250MHz
  • Maximum real-time I/O bandwidth: 1GB/s (8 Gbps) coming up as either of:
    • 2 channels of 16-bit 250MHz AD/DA
    • 4 channels of  8-bit 250MHz AD/DA
    • 4 channels of 16-bit 125MHz AD/DA
    • all other configurations require less bandwidth
    • data word size: 2, 4, 8, 16 bits
  • Two 10Gbps+ SFP+ ports for bitsteram data I/O
  • External sampling frequency and DAQ synchronization inputs
  • External reference frequency input
Data storage
  • Slot for swappable SSMC
  • SSMC capacity: 1TB, 4TB, 8TB
  • Maximum data recording/playback time (for 8TB SSMC):
    • 4h 40m  for 1x-channel, 16bits, 250 MSPS
    • 2h 20m  for 2x-channels, 16bits, 250 MSPS
    • 6h 30m  for 1x-channel, 16bits, 186.66 MSPS
    • 3h 15m  for 2x-channels, 16bits, 186.66 MSPS
    • 4h 40m  for 2x channels, 8 bits, 250 MSPS
    • 9h 20m for 2x channels, 4 bits, 250 MSPS
    • 9h 20m  for 1x-channel, 16bits, 125 MSPS
    • 4h 40m  for 2x-channels, 16bits, 125 MSPS
External interfaces
  • 1GbE RJ45 port for remote control
  • 2x eSATA III eSATA ports for SSMC data transfer to external HDD
  • 2x COM/RS232C ports for external slow links
  • multi-unit link I/F
Power and physical
  • Main voltage: 90VAC..240VAC (autorange)
  • Power: 75W (max)
  • Dimensions: 19" 1U (W483 H43 D340 , W19" H1.72" 13.4")
  • Weight: 6.4kg (12 lbs) (with installed 4TB SSMC and two AIOMs)


Datasheets and Application Materials

  TORNADO-RS1 Gen3 Recorder datasheet


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